How institutions of CASINO internet banking are set up

A few internet banking institutions are set-up by large firms while the others are set-up by small companies. Though you may not want to set up an online banking operation, it is interesting to know the process of setting it up. In order to organise an internet banking firms, the first step is to assemble at least a five member group. These assembled people will be included as board of directors. One member will be elected as the CEO. These members will intensely be involved in forming the work processes of the online bank.

Once the members are brought together, the next step is to select a name for their online banking firm. This name should not only be easy to remember but also needs to be catchy. The one factor that needs to be considered while naming a company it that the selected named has to be original. Selecting a name that doubles up as the domain name is preferred. Moreover, the chosen name should satisfy certain guidelines and if the chosen name is similar to another firm for online banking institution, the founders cannot go ahead and trademark this name.

The US Patent and Trademark office has to be visited to get a selected name trademarked. Only one application form needs to be filled. After this is done, the form is submitted and a fee is paid. After this, the members need to wait for the name to be approved. A case for trademarked name can be made through e-mails. If everything is fine then the selected name will be trademarked.

The founders of the bank can now move forward toward web-hosting services. Also, a website can be set up which can be publicly accessed. Professionals can be called for in order to make the firm’s website. The website will be regarded as the backbone of the online banking business by the customers.

Professional website designers should maintain highest level of security while designing an online banking site. The security should include features such as adequate firewalls, secured socket layering and 128-bit encryption.

Keeping in mind the preferences of a customers, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration while designing an inline banking website. More customers can be brought in if the website is eye-catching. Moreover, navigating around the website should be easy. Copyright infringement should be kept in mind so that no things are directly copied onto the site.

After this, a charter must be formed by the group. The group needs to acquire an online banking charter from OCC or the Office of Comptroller of Currency. This process is a lengthy one with the involvement for a lot of information and paper work. The board of directors will be advised about the best way to submit the charter application by the OCC. The OCC will then evaluate all the details put together by the online banking partners about their proposed policies and their current financial situation. If the charter is granted by OCC, the bank can go ahead and open its doors to the customers. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.