If you have decided to expand your business on the internet then there are many basic steps before you become ecommerce enabled which include:

  • Purchasing or creating the payment system
  • An ISP and a provider of internet transactions
  • Getting a digital certificate
  • Web Hosting
  • Obtaining an Internet or Online Merchant Account

The first step is you should choose a good ISP. The services provided by all the ISP’s are not of the same quality. Before you decide your ISP or switch to a new one, you should find out how these ISP’s will be able to meet your requirements. Spend some time and make an informed decision instead of jumping to sign an agreement with the ISP who provides more offers. Decide the level of technical support that is required by you and also the flexibility needed by you. You also have to consider the amount of data storage you need and how much you have allocated for this purpose.

Before starting your search for the right provider for your online transactions, you should analyze and estimate the number of transactions that your business will be doing each month. There are several online transaction providers in the market offering different rates. Therefore, choosing the right package for your business needs is very important to succeed in ecommerce.

Webhosting is the next important step because this is necessary to gain a place on the net. Tie up with a Web hosting firm which can provide you the service you require for maintaining your website. Some of the things you should see are compatibility with big ecommerce providers, educated staff, a fast connection, good technical support and good uptime. Beware of several “fly-by-night” companies who will take your money and vanish in to thin air.

The Digital Certificate or the SSL Server Certificate is needed to provide security to your web store. SSL will protect your communication in such a way that your web store can take credit card details of customers without the fear of being hacked.

To accept credit card payments you need an Online or Internet merchant account. It is very difficult to have an International Merchant Account in the U.S... This is because most of the providers of online transactions are situated in the United States and therefore, cannot interact with any of the outside banks.

Very obviously, a computer system is required to manage your e-business effectively. You should research on which software will be most suitable for your website and then buy it. This should be done before purchasing the hardware as all software applications don’t run on all types of hardware.

The better your understanding of how your business is working the better you can run it. Most of the minor companies need 3 major programs, initially which are spreadsheet, low end accounting software application and word processor.

The key to choosing the right software is, knowing which functions are required by your business to run it effectively. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.