With the advent of the internet the ways of running a successful business changed drastically. It is accepted by several people through the world because of its versatility and speed. Most people are transferring more part of their lives, online from offline. What are the most important factors that you have to focus on when you are starting an e-store?

Accessibility and Place

Managers of an e-store should pay attention to its accessibility and the way customers can move in your e-store. This is very important. The roads leading to your e-store should also be planned. The roads of the internet are not unreadable.

When we say “Location of an e-shop” it means the links that direct to it. A user will visit an e-shop that is closer to his path, which means the links he is familiar with. He will not wander for many hours or he will not like to take a complicated path. He wants to find an e-shop with minimum or no effort, like one click. Which are the regular paths of a consumer? Most of the people go to Google when they want to find any thing ranging for a pin to a rocket. They enter a search key word and go to the first e-shop they find. The other regular paths of internet users are mail box, news websites and may be chat sites or applications like messenger. If the user finds any thing that interests him on his path then he will most likely click on the link. This gives the idea that e-shops should be advertised on messengers, news websites and mail sites.

Conclusion 1: The better the rank of an e-shop in any search result the more consumers will enter in to it.

Conclusion 2: Find which group of internet users you want to target and advertise on those sites where they are available.

Conclusion 3: Be compassionate with your customers and try to figure out places where they can find your e-shop conveniently.

Sign Boards

There are several thousand shops in the city and millions of e-shops on the net. A consumer cannot check out every site. Even though your e-shop appears on his path, he may not notice it because there is nothing to attract him in to your shop. You can attract customers by putting up signboards with the right information, at the right places. The sign boards should be attractive and eye catching for the internet users.

Conclusion: The only criteria’s for a sign board are appropriateness and attractiveness.


Once a customer enters your shop, he expects to see an airy and clean room where he can examine the products and buy the ones liked by him. This means that your e-shop should be designed in a clear way, without getting on the nerves of the customer.

Make sure that your goods are prominent and receive notice.

Payment Options

Once a sale is made, ensure that your customers can pay for it, conveniently. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.