Ecommerce refers to doing business through an electronic medium like the internet. The global sourcing and import and export magnates and retailers have expressed a great deal of interest in ecommerce technologies. Utilizing ecommerce tools for conducting international trade and processing import and export documents is only half the job because web traffic, even though it is a targeted set of audience, can bounce off from your website after placing several products in your shopping cart.

Complex realities and issues regarding international trade force you to take several steps in your ecommerce web sites to increase the conversion rate. Conversion rate is the rate between the numbers of customers to the number of people visiting your site. The shopping cart abandonment is over 67% which is not good for any ecommerce web site. Using the latest technologies like Web 2.0 and AJAX will help you to control the abandonment rate up to a certain extent though the results are not validated.

A few points for owners of import export web sites:

Given below are some reasons why your customers leave your web site in the final step of the process and some points to prevent it:

  1. Shipping cost is very high or not shown – Try to read the minds of the import export or global sourcing people and find out why consumers exit your website in the final step. The people who are in to global sourcing are not brainless. When they feel that you are charging more for shipping or you site is not displaying the shipping costs, then they quit your site and get in to another one. Your best bet is to make it free for big orders or keep is low.
  2. Show the cumulative cost – Display the cumulative cost each time a new product is added. It is better if you can do this process with out refreshing the entire page. Show the shipping costs in each step by considering the zip code. This method always works well.
  3. Change of mind – You cannot do much in this case but save the data in case the customer comes back. The analysis of exit page is very crucial because the stakes are high.
  4. High product or final cost – This problem by can be solved by pricing your products aggressively. Also, keep the shopping cart updated. This will make the buyers more considerate while making decisions.
  5. Automatically save the items and keep the process of checking out short – You have to automatically save most of the items so that the checkout process is simple and short. Remember, that the global sourcing and import and export people have less time and a short temper.
  6. Poor navigation and download times – Take care of such issues by hosting your website on a reliable and fast server. The global sourcing and import and export people don’t have the patience to wait for a page to load.

Sufficient information about the product and about how to contact you will reduce abandonment rates. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.