Amateur online marketers have the opinion that one has to spend a huge amount of money and put in a lot of effort and time to increase targeted traffic to their sites. This is absolutely false. There are several marketing techniques which can be implemented without investing even a single dollar. Some such techniques are article marketing, blogs, forums, SEO and many more. However, these techniques will require some of your time dedicated to them, every day.

There are paid marketing techniques also for which you don’t have to spend time. However, these don’t cost you a fortune. The pay per click marketing will cost you around 10 to 30 cents per visitor, which sums up to $3 per 100 visitors. Does that seem expensive to any body? Yes, there are some marketing techniques which are more expensive than this but you don’t have to use them until your business is established and is making enough money to advertise on many popular websites. Sponsoring an ad on high traffic web sites such Google and Orkut is very expensive.

What many amateur internet marketers don’t know is that there are several natural methods to obtain free website traffic. This is achieved through organic Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The backbone of your site is the Text

Most amateur online marketers think that creating web sites is only about photos and fancy layouts, but the real truth is that the search engines rank your web site depending mostly on the text. This implies that you should have a balanced web site to get more traffic from search engines. While flash images and graphics are pleasurable to a human eye, articles are highly attractive for the search engine spiders.

The appropriate set of articles containing the correct keywords has the power to put you at the number one position of the search engine results, without putting much effort. You should not over – optimise your web site by inserting the same text with the same keywords in many places. If you cannot write articles that are human- and machine- friendly, you should hire a professional content writer to do the job.

Don’t change your domain name

Search engine spiders like older sites over new ones. Therefore, if you are continuously changing the domain name of your site because the new name is easier and catchier to spell, you will soon lose the trust of the search engine crawlers. The old URL will be listed in the search engine results; however since you have changed the domain name of your web site, again, those links will become void and will be deleted from the list very soon.

Including your URL instantly in to these lists is definitely possible, but is extremely costly. If your web site is not naturally optimised, you will lose that paid spot also, when you can longer afford it. Organic or natural SEO is the best way, if you are looking for long term spot in the search engine list. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.