Recurring billing is also one of the systems of a merchant account. These types of merchandise can be non-profit making businesses. Trusts like NGOs have this kind of merchant account. Payments happen quite often in these businesses.

A new recurring billing option named Electronic Billing & Invoicing software is available these days. This fast charging payment gateway system is for processing credit cards and online checks for any non-profit making merchant accounts. This electronic billing and invoicing software can automatically process and charge the credit cards and online checks on a recurring basis for monthly donations.

These merchant accounts and their billing process involve businesses where subscription of the products takes place. In other words, payments are made at intervals and at different rates. A merchant can set up different profiles for different products. The profile may include its price, weight or measurements, etc. Here, the choice is given to the customers to choose the kind of profile of the products according to their suitability. This option includes services like subscription of newspapers, books and magazines, and many others. Here, a subscriber makes payments on monthly basis or annually. The electronic billing and invoicing software of the recurring billing merchant account can be adjusted easily for billing weekly or monthly, semi-annually or annually or even quarterly. This system makes it an easy way for the customers to avail the services as well as the desired product in time. People normally choose this option for its flexibility.

While setting up the desired rate according to particular customers, one time configuration is sufficient for a customer. Change of rates in the future is exceptional.

A registration fee may be required for the first time. A customer needs to pay the registration fee and future payments as per mutual agreement. Sometimes a free trial period is also offered to the customers for the recurring billing merchant account promotion. Once the registration is done, a customer is provided with a user-id and password and the same is added automatically to their database records. The customers can access their sites from any place using the internet. Various changes like editing and cancellation can also be done by filling up certain forms that are available online. This saves time as well as money.

The fast charge payment gateway website provides all the customers’ details. A merchant can easily view the billing history of any customer and can also cancel their subscription in case of any arrears they bear. If any customer finds any kind of trouble then they are free to ask for help and support from the merchandise industry. A team of experts are available for help through telecommunicating devices.

The detailed records of payments that the customers make are regularly updated. This gives the customer an easy access into their accounts and they also receive guarantee that their payments are being processed. After processing and billing, the information about the transaction is automatically updated to the user’s account.

This system can also be used in housing and property management. The tenants can use and access their own monthly records of balances and payments. Thus recurring billing in merchant account is advisable. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.