We all might have come across the word ‘core banking’. It means the same as in Merchant Account. Merchant account is also an account that is opened through a bank but it is a member of the MasterCard, Visa or other credit card companies. In a merchant account, a merchant can accept payments made through credit cards by the final purchasers. Since it is a preset or programmed system, the funds are transferred to the merchant’s bank account electronically.

Long before the invention of the electronic banking systems, it was very hard to make transactions as many formalities were to be met. Sometimes it also resulted in loss of data and many fraudulent cases. But the latest technology has overcome all the barriers to the merchant account banking systems.

The modern theory of merchant account states that using the electronic banking systems, a user can access his/her account from any corner of the world. This is the greatest advantage that is experienced by the bankers, the merchants and the common customers of the world in recent times. There are various companies that compliment the merchant account. Those companies use logos like VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO, etc. to make use of the credit or debit card internationally. A merchant account holder is provided with credit cards including this logo. A credit card may have two or three types of logos on it. These multiple logos are provided by different companies in order to promote and make use of their payment gateway in any type of transactions.

In economic terms, market investigations are done in order to find which market situations mostly accept the use of credit cards. The point of equilibrium is carefully noted to make progression in the merchant accounting system. The banks charge a high rate on the customers who have a credit card as rental fees. In the modern day scenario, it has been eliminated. People who make maximum use of their credit cards are charged relatively less as compared to other users on a monthly basis. The demand of the credit card and its services rises when the price falls. When the cost of funds of any user is less then the profit margin of the merchant goes up. This indicates the existence of the credit card equilibrium in the market.

When a merchant deals with more number of customers, he/she can decrease the discount fees from the bank. The bank allows a certain percentage of discounts to the merchant who deals with a satisfactory number of customers in a day. The characteristics of the network goods are clearly defined by the credit cards.

There are many types of merchant accounts. In other terms e-commerce is known for a type of merchant account. It includes all internet and electronic dealings while doing business. There will be no problem if any merchant account is maintained properly. In any transaction made via internet, the merchant and the customer may not be physically present but the work is carried out. Only due to the significant services of electronic banking, all these circumstances have been made possible. Thus, the modern theory of merchant account aims at reaching out to the people in an effective way. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.