What you must know regarding the online ECIG debit CREDIT card PROCESSING

Debit card is also termed as check card or bank card. This card is a tiny plastic card which is an alternative method of payment to cash, while making purchases. This can also be termed as electronic check, since the funds are obtained directly from the leftover balance on that card or from bank account. In most of the cases, these cards are exclusively designed to be used on Internet, so there are no physical cards. 

The debit cards usage has rapidly become widespread and has thus surpassed the check. Even debit cards can be used for Internet or telephone purchases.

So, now you know what a debit-card is? Let us know move on to consider regarding the online debit-cards.

The online debit-cards are not new actually. Many have already started making use of this card, without realizing it actually. Thereby, essentially online debit-card works like any debit or credit card. You can utilize this to make payments for your purchases on malls, restaurants, airline ticket booking, and also for making transactions online. So, what differentiates this type of debit-card from the other debit-cards is their transaction procedure.

Once you make use of your online-debit-card, the procurements which you have made are deducted instantaneously from your checking account or savings. Thereby, when you are utilizing this card, indeed it is as if you are paying the amount in cash. However, don’t think that “online” word means that you can make transactions only via internet.    

Because almost all of the online-debit-cards have major credit-card supplier’s logo like: Visa Electron or Visa, so you would not face any difficulty in using this card. This instrument of payment is also called “PIN debit”, since every transaction that is made using this type of debit-card requires authentication or electronic verification during the time of sale.   

Thereby, if the debit-card which you are using needs you to provide ATM PIN no. on a gadget, then you are making use of the online debit-card.  Retailers or Merchants prefer the online-debit-cards, instead of other kinds of the plastic payments. Firstly, they pay lower fees significantly while accepting payments through online-debit-card as compared to the other kinds of card payments.

This indeed means lots of savings when it comes to retailers, specifically if they possess many transactions each day. It must be noted, that the transactions which are made using the online-debit-cards are faster. After the card holder enters PIN number, the respective bank verifies their transaction, thereby the sale is permitted.

Finally, most of them think that the online-debit-cards are superior, when safety is taken into consideration, as compared to other card types. It must be noted that the usual credit or debit cards can be misused, if fallen off from his/her pocket. Thieves can copy easily the signature which is at the back of offline or credit cards. Thereby, while your credit-cards fall into wrong hands; this may lead you into big trouble. But in the case of PIN debit-cards, hacking is harder and usage is illegal.

Thereby, make use of the online-debit-cards. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.