Difference between United States and European SPORTSBOOOK merchant accounts

The banks in United States of America have pioneered the issuing of credit cards and the credit card processing services for big stores and supermarkets. For quite some time now, America has managed to remain the centre of online processing of credit-cards.

When online shopping began gaining popularity, many American banks began providing e-commerce merchant services for all the online resources selling products or services. Currently, the total number of American banks that are involved with merchant accounts has increased manifold resulting in a very competitive scenario among the various banks. This has resulted in reduction of prices. This also led to terms and regulations which that were unaffordable by e-commerce merchants, especially those who had small or start-up businesses, as the costs were very high. The other disadvantages that resulted due to regulations were fees such as monthly minimums. All this impacted internet merchant accounts in a bad way. Due to citizenship problems, a number of merchants who were not residents of the United States were unable to get merchant accounts.

Merchants who could not obtain merchant accounts, due to the reasons mentioned above, faced losses and began looking for alternate means. They then opted for other transaction and processing services. One such example is that of third party merchant account. These accounts were easily available when compared to those provided by United State banks. Though there was accessibility, the services offered by these providers who comparatively costly. In addition to this, the payment methods too were very inconvenient for the traders.

The advent and easy availability of merchant accounts in Europe brought in a change in the existing situation. For obtaining a payment gateway to process credit cards, United States citizenship was not mandatory. This proved to be a positive point for a number of merchants. Therefore, processing credit cards became simpler. This also changed the business of credit card processing. These days, European merchant accounts are as popular as United States merchant accounts. Hence, internet merchants now have the option of United States and European merchant accounts.

The United States e-commerce merchant accounts are not easily available. Though credit card processing solutions are being provided, the high costs are a huge drawback. Also, they conduct surveys before providing a payment gateway to the traders. This causes a number of problems for the merchants and impacts their transactions. Contradictory to this, European merchant accounts are pretty flexible with their terms and conditions. Though a little research is carried out, it can be justified keeping in mind the security concerns.

High level of competition between the various American banks has resulted in easy availability of merchant accounts. This type of competition does not exist in Europe but the accounts a slightly costly when compared with banks in America. The quality of merchant accounts available both in the United States and Europe are the same. The merchant account providers at both these places are decent, respected and responsible, but beware of any possible scams. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.