Generally, many merchant account providers divide their services to numerous sub-accounts. Monthly fee is charged in addition to some hidden fee. ECHO account provider offer several advantages to their customers by a package that is complete in all respects at an affordable rate. In addition to all the services being made available under a single roof, they have their own payment gateway and bank for providing merchant accounts.

The components of the ECHO merchant account are– a merchant account with the facility to choose credit cards from among Discover, Amex, MasterCard and Visa. Internet merchants’ customers pay from the merchant’s site. The orders are processed at real time. Customer service is available at any time of a day and the customer’s calls are not charged.

ECHO offers many facilities that are detailed below:

Credit cards are processed using any of these ways:

1) POS Terminals that are of standard quality at suitable rates. The facility of re-programming merchant’s terminals is also available.

2) They possess a free e-commerce website.

3)  Virtual Terminal: The terminals that are used for conducting sales for orders that are made by way of mail, fax or phone in which the user has to key in details related to the credit card are the computers that are located at homes/businesses/private centres.

4) Batch Uploads (internet related): Thousands of payments can be processed at a very less time.

5) Touchtone Phone: Touchtone Phones are an easy way of initiating a processing.

6) Recurring payments: Sales that have a repetitive pattern can be set up easily by safeguarding sensitive details using secure servers that are PCI compliant.

7) PC Software: Customer database, accounting software and order control can be linked together with the payment processing.

All these facilities are provided by charging minimal fee and there also no hidden fee or hefty monthly fee. The merchant need not pay for the application. Anyway, installation fee is applicable. For retail orders, approximately 1.5 - 1.7 % discount rate is applicable. The discount rate is higher and ranges from 2 - 2.5 % for orders made over phone/mail and the internet. Transaction fee is 0.05 cents higher than retail orders.

Usage of virtual terminals attracts an annual fee of $25. Anyway, there are no charges for gateway, statements etc. There are no limits for the volume of sales and the number of times the transactions were made. Monthly minimum fee is also not charged.

Check services include the following:

eChecks is also known as ACH (Automated Clearing House); it is the technology used for processing payments made using checks automatically for making payments easy and convenient for both the customer and the merchant. This payment solution is available for orders made via various methods.

POS service is used for fast account deposits. Real time authorization of checks too is available so that checks can be authorized. Other services are check collection (electronic), consolidated return and risk management. Verification and authorization of checks are done using a national check database. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.