Viral marketing is a very powerful and important tool for any firm that is looking to grow both in the offline and the online world. Viral advertising strategies’ primary goal is to promote the product and to spread the brand name very quickly by using “word of mouth” advertising. The name viral marketing was kept due to the way this technique works: by spreading the viral content to as many people as possible like a virus.

One of the most effective strategies in viral marketing is by using articles. The idea is very simple: write articles which are interesting and attract more people to read it. This can be achieved with ease. The next and the most important step, is to incorporate a resource box in the article.

The resource box is very important since it will contain some information about you and your site and also have a back link to your web site. The last step is to incorporate a copyright that allows any one to post your article on their web site provided the contents, resource box and copyright is not altered. If you article is entertaining and very unique, it will spread like a wild fire on the internet.

Another popular viral marketing strategy is: develop a nice software application and give it away for free to people who would like to use it. When you give it for free more number of people will use it. Mostly in this type of viral advertising strategy a free, game which is addictive and entertaining will created and given for free. If the game is interesting, then it will become popular and more people will start to use it. You should also allow other web sites to include this free game on their sites.

Email signature is also a form of viral marketing strategy. This is one of the oldest strategies used in online marketing. It is very simple and questionable in several ways, however it really works. Every time you forward a mail that contains your sites information, there is a good chance that he or she will click on the link to your site. And every time some one looks at your web site, they will also tell their family and friends about the site. This may not be the quickest way of viral marketing, however it is very effective is done in the right way and with confidence.

Another popular viral marketing strategy is forum posting. The primary aim of posting on forums is to help other people and share useful information with others. Also, for every post you can include your signature that should contain the name of your company and web site.

Although this offers little or no help with search engine optimisation, it will help you get a good number of clicks. You will also have the opportunity to establish yourself as a specialist which will lead to a good number of clicks to your web site.

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