GSPAY provides third party merchant account payment solutions as well as offshore merchant accounts for all global businesses. They also offer payment gateways which aids in the processing of credit cards. Moreover, the rates offered by them are very reasonable. Also, the merchant account services provided by them are secure and reliable.

By making use of GSPAY, you will notice a substantial increase in the volume of sales which is highly beneficial in the long run. In addition to this, the costs too are lower which only adds to the amount of money you save. GSPAY offers integrated package solutions that meet the requirements of a merchant’s company.

GSPAY provides merchant account services for all kinds of businesses with minimum risk. The rate settings are usually based on the type of business a merchant has. Web host is a type of business which falls in the low risk category. Hence, the rates offered to such businesses too will be low. Contrary to this, pharmacy merchant accounts are a type of business that comes under the high risk category. Therefore, the rates offered too will be higher for high risk businesses.

There are certain criteria to decide whether or not a business belongs to the high risk category. The main reason why a business gets classified into the high risk category is because of potential chargeback. Also, businesses that have a high probability of closing down overnight too fall under the high risk category. The previous business results too are considered while classifying business into high and low risk categories.

Following is the list of merchant accounts that fall under the high risk category that are considered by GSPAY for credit card processing –

-       General e-commerce merchant accounts and replica accounts.

-       Internet pharmacy merchant accounts (unapproved drugs as well as controlled substances will not be allowed).

-       Internet dating merchant accounts.

-       Global call centre merchant accounts.

-       Voice Internet Protocol merchant accounts.

-       Downloadable software merchant accounts.

-       Pre-paid phone card merchant accounts.

-       Outbound telemarketing merchant accounts.

-       Vitamin and herbal product merchant accounts.

-       TMF merchant accounts.

-       Merchant accounting having chargebacks and high refunds.

The benefits offered by GSPAY are mentioned below –

-       High volume merchant accounts have their own descriptors.

-       Quick implementation of payments over the internet.

-       All major credit cards are accepted.

-       Secure master card code and 3d Visa too are provided.

-       Support for various shopping carts is provided such as X-Cart, OS Commerce, Shop Scrips, Magneto, Virtuemart, Zen Cart and Cubecart.

-        Secure servers are provided along with the SSL certification.

-       Shipping fees management is provided.

-       A number of tools are provided for managing passwords, integration and reporting.

-       Immediate integration with the consumer’s website is offered.

-       Free trials are provided for a consumer’s clients.

-       Membership services and management is provided.

-       Page designs can be ordered and the shopping carts can easily be customised to meet one’s needs.

-       Powerful marketing tools and affiliate programs are provided. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.