How to accept mastercard or visa for poker merchant accounts without credit checks?

In most of the cases, only those people with good credit record will be issued the master card or credit card. They take decisions based on the conclusions in which they arrive after assigning points and values to certain details that are given in the credit report or in the credit application. Most of the cards issuing firms prefer scoring system as it can be done by a few employees who can quickly total the columns and get the right score of the applicant determined.  

There is another reason for doing the scoring. The creditor can understand the score and confirm whether they will get the cash back or not. The scoring system is apt for a person who accurately makes the payments. In the case of certain people where the payments are not made easily, they will have to follow certain procedures so that they will be included in the list of persons with a good total.

The customers must understand that each system varies from one another. If the customer gets rejected based on the scorings, he will be accepted by the scoring system of another firm. The customer will be given good marks for a good answer given by the customer and the negative answer will be ignored by the customer totally. There are certain general questions asked by the customer. The ratings given to each answers by different firms will be different. Now let us have a brief discussion on how the questions are asked and the way the ratings are given

  • Residence of the applicant – The customer will be given good ratings if he is living in a particular location for a longer period. The stable nature of the customers will be given high points
  • Ownership of the house – The person who owns a house will be given higher points even if the house is owned by taking loans from the banks. If you are a person who is living in an unfurnished and rented apartment, you will not be considered by the credit card companies. If you are a person who is living with parents or in a motel or in a trailer, your points will get affected.

There are certain ways in which you can get the odds transferred in your favour.

  • You can install a telephone in your house. You can reach at an agreement with the telephone firm or with a friend or a relative so that your name can be listed on their telephone.
  • If you are a person who has more than one job, you must stick to the one which provides you with the greatest source of income.  
  • You can calculate the total income from all the available sources and keep the gross total in the list. The customers must make themselves prepared whenever there is a need arise to submit the application so that the verification of the income will be easy.

These are the normal procedures through which a common man can make the application for MasterCard and Visa. One can remove the negative items that can create a negative impact on the credit record. You can get it replaced with positive items. You can also develop a good relationship with the banker. One can buy a house and get other accounts opened which are quite easy to get. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.