How to Prevent the Freezing of Your Casino Merchant Account (High Risk)

This article provides you with some useful tips that can prevent the freezing of the high risk account. There can be situations when you have not read the whole details regarding the contract signing with the “High Risk Merchant Account”. Another possibility is that the provider of your merchant account may not have provided you with all the details. Although it is not that they are deliberately hiding the details from you, this lack of adequate information may cause you problems later. Generally, most of the providers would not talk about the details till you are well experienced with them. So it is important to have knowledge on each and every detail of the account. The freezing of the accounts can be a big problem.

If you have such an account and you are not fully aware of the frozen accounts, then it may cause problems. Your business will face many problems if your account is frozen. If the accounts are frozen then you are not eligible for internet credit card processing. Also the other providers will not be ready to provide you with another such merchant account.

So it is better to be prepared. There are some preventive measures that can be taken by the holder of the merchant account. They are as follows:

A merchant may think that he is able to make up for crossing the processing limits very easily. Also he may think that easily he will be able to make up for the average prize of the ticket. However this is not exactly so.  The provider and the underwriter are business people and therefore are very realistic. If your “high risk” business is able to make more income, then there is a possibility that the charge backs number will also be more. If something like this happens the underwriter will be liable. So a minute mistake can cause problems for the provider.

To prevent this, you could sign up with a provider of account and try to find out the processing volume limit of the provider. This means that an increase in the ticket size could help you to negotiate for several fees like the discount fees.

The next most common problem which will land you in trouble with the provider of merchant account is the niche product or service offered to the holder of an account.

Another issue is regarding the refunds. Sometimes refunds may be harmful to the business but this is important if you want to have a good reputation. If there is any dissatisfaction you provide the customers with refund. This is necessary to keep the customers happy.

Next issue is regarding the Backup Account. Some of the businessmen have two such accounts as a result of high rates of discount. There are many benefits associated with this. This may be helpful in saving a lot of money.

These issues can be the causes of freezing of the accounts. So you could try to avoid them. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.