There are many merchant account providers in the market and each of them will have some unique features that should be tapped by potential customers. All that a customer has to do is search for features and rates that are important for the type of business he owns so that he is satisfied by the merchant account in the long run and does face the situation wherein he has to switch account providers since the previous account provider did not meet his expectations or certain rates were not clear while opening the account.

Many not for profit organizations are eligible for discounted rates and these are tied to many of their business services. But, the point to be noted here is that most merchant account providers do not extend special benefits to these non-profit firms. It is left to how much bargaining skills the non-profit organizations can apply to extract maximum benefit from the account providers. Only then can they expect to gain by reduced rates and fee.

As a general practice, account providers implement rates, fees and mark ups after exercising some of their control in it. Thus, there are chances for giving preference to non-profit firms and reducing rates for them. If the account provider decides in favour of these non-profit establishments and irrespective of the stand taken by the competitors, all the account provider needs is proof for the non-profit nature and this document can be easily furnished by the organisations.

For this, first the non-profit firms should spend some time for research. During this time, they should collect the different rates, charges and fee that are associated with the account and judge the account provider who is close to their requirement. This prior understanding is definitely required since all account providers may not be too willing to reduce rates, given the stiff competition. For this purpose, make use of free online quotes that are easy to obtain. The response is quick and a lot of time and money gets saved. Since all account providers have their own websites and since most applications are also submitted online, this should be easy. Another valid point here is that the non-profit firm gets the opportunity to specify its status while submitting requests for quotes.

Another action that can be taken by the non-profit firms is trying to get account providers communicate with them. Such account providers may be those who have worked with non-profit firms before. They may even know the requirements of non-profit firms in the merchant accounts. If the account providers are not aware of the needs of non-profit establishments, it is the responsibility of the non-profit firm’s personnel to explain the needs well in advance so that the account providers know whether they can cater to the needs of the customer.

Thus, it is definitely possible to find merchant account providers who can strike a good deal with non-profit firms. This requires minimal effort these days due to the internet search engines. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.