Offshore Forex Merchant Account Credit Card Processing

Most of the people might have had the difficulty of using off shore bank accounts. The moment you possess an off shore bank account, people find very much difficulty in getting the cash withdrawn. Nobody spends time in going to the bank and get the money withdrawn. There are a lot of ways to overcome this problem. The solution that is offered is timely and effective. One can own an off shore credit card so that purchases can be made using the particular card. This type of private credit cards are used to get the funds withdrawn and get the purchases done using the funds in the off shore account. The off shore credit cards are given to the customers in various forms. Before that, let us have a discussion regarding the actual definition of off shore credit card.

Off shore card is a credit card which is being issued by a bank or by a provider of the card outside the authority of your house. This type of credit cards are seen by the investors as a helpful method to get the offshore funds accessed. In most of the cases, the issuer of the card will be situated in a remote area with utmost secrecy.

One can get the off shore credit card loaded with the amount of money which is required. The customer is not purchasing the money from any where; he makes the purchases using the funds that are available in the card. This card is called a prepaid credit card. It will have brand names along with it like Visa, MasterCard or Discovery. They are recognized world wide and can be used any where in the globe.

Off shore card is completely different from a normal bank card or an ATM card. This is because this card does many things much more than other cards do. The purchase can be made online and the funds can be withdrawn from the ATM’s. There will be difference in the limits of withdrawal or purchase depending upon the card. One can get the pre paid cards funded individually. This does not have any link to any off shore bank account as in the case of off shore debit cards. If you are a person who values privacy, you can opt for off shore prepaid cards.

In most of all the off shore prepaid cards, there will be the name of the account holder. If the applicant is the owner of a firm, he or she can get the card in the name of the firm. There are ultra private cards which will not carry the name of the card holder.  In these types of cards, some of these will not get the acceptance from certain retailers. These types of cards will only have a strip or a chip which is magnetic and when they are smacked, the retailers will not get any of your personal information.

In order to be the owner of an off shore card, one need to have a copy of the passport or the residence address. There are firms which demand additional details but one need disclose his or her credit record to have a card. As the card is of prepaid type, details are not necessary. This makes the pre paid cards more preferable. One cannot leak any personal details from the card. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.