Online Nutra Merchant Account Shopping Without Credit Cards

Most of the people will not be aware of the fact that online shopping is possible even without credit cards. In order to purchase online you can make use of graph card which will help to shop even without credit card. This facility can be available anywhere in the globe. Now let us have a discussion on how the graph card works.

Graph card brings jointly three players who are involved in this whole system. They are customers who opt to shop through online, resellers who help the customers to have sufficient cash in their account by providing graph card and also the merchants or retailers from whom the customers make the purchases.

At first the customer can get a graph card account opened in the home page of graph card. The customers will get a personal account opened along with the resellers opening their account. Once this is done, the registration will get completed and getting registered is free of cost. Merchants will have to pay forty five dollars as the fee for activation. This charge is given when they start receiving payments through online using graph card. The communication between the holders of the account is done mostly through the mails.

Once the account is opened the resellers along with account holders can put money in the accounts. The resellers make certain arrangements with graph card which helps them to get their accounts loaded by way of transferring from the banks; account holders have a lot of options before them. The most important option is purchasing a virtual prepaid card from the seller. They can get their accounts loaded with checks, electronic transferring done from western union money transfer, bank accounts and from money orders.

Once the loading of the accounts are done, the customers can start the shopping. The account holders can recognize the merchants from whom they want to purchase any particular item. Then they can log on to the graph card account to get the money send into merchant’s account through mail. The money gets transferred to the merchant’s account quickly if he has got himself registered with the graph card. The man who purchases will not be charged any additional money for sending money through this option. If the merchant has not got himself registered but receives checks or other money orders, graph card makes the payment by this way. When the complete transaction is done, the graph card intimates both the account holder and also the merchant through mail. There is a reporting tool which helps both the parties to get their transaction status checked.

Graph card has another advantage which helps the account holders to get their funds in the graph cards converted into a debit card which can be used online. It enables the account holder to have a view at their card number, CW2 code and the expiry date of the card through encryption. The virtual card will not contain information as names and allow the account holder to do the shopping online. The customers will have the added advantage of having an online debit card by maintaining all the anonymity. Graph card will really promote online shopping and e commerce. The customers will really find it easy as they do not have to own a credit card to do shopping through online. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.