The term “viral advertising” evokes some fear and a lot of confusion; however the truth is that it is really harmless. If you have a proper viral marketing strategy and you execute it properly, there is no other marketing method that is as powerful as this one. Viral marketing can be used to describe any marketing strategy which encourages the internet users to pass on the viral or marketing message to their friends and family members, thus giving your company and your web site a huge amount of influence and exposure in the online world. Like viruses, the viral message has the potential to reach a large audience in a very short time. However, if people have to willingly and consciously pass on your viral message to others it has to be appealing in one way or another.

Even before the internet was invented, viral marketing existed as “word of mouth” advertising, through media or network marketing. If you are planning to have an online viral advertising campaign for your business, you will have to create a “viral agent”. This is what will generate the positive reaction from the recipients and will also make them to voluntarily pass the message to their contacts. The quality and design of the viral agent will determine whether or not the people will pass on the message. This implies that you should include a button like “pass on to a friend”, or at least make sure that people can forward it easily through mail. It is more effective to install the viral agent in 1 particular location since people can just send a link to their family and friends. This will also increase the visibility of the viral agent on search engines, permitting a lot more people to view your message.

A huge amount of planning is required to set up a successful viral marketing campaign. Given below are some points to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign:

  1. Give away services or products for free such as tip of the day, survey, joke, poem, cartoon, game, software, video, audio, picture, etc. “Free” is one of the most powerful words in the marketer’s vocabulary. Viral marketing will generate results immediately, but if the marketers are able to generate a good amount of interest with their free product or service, you will get long lasting success.
  2. Ensure that the viral message can be forwarded easily via forums, instant messages, social networks, software download, web sites, email, etc. Viral marketing can do wonders on the net since internet provides a means for instant communication. Make sure that your viral message is as simple as possible so that it can be forwarded by the click of the mouse.
  3. Take advantage of the common behaviours and motivations of people. These basic human urges and qualities have created several million web sites.
  4. Utilise existing communication networks. Each person will have a network depending on his position in the society. Network marketing executives have understood the power of the human networks and try to use them to their advantage. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.