Travel Nutra Credit Card Processing Money Card

Most of the debit card holders might have heard about travel money cards. They provide the customers with a new method of spending money while you make travels to foreign countries. This type of cards is really beneficial for the customers as they have the same work process of pre paid debit cards.

Now let us have a brief discussion with regard to the functioning of the travel money cards. If the customer get the money loaded into the travel money card, the particular amount of money can be spend by the customer. The difference between this card and the normal debit card is that the money that is loaded into the debit card will be foreign currency.

It you are the resident of a particular country, he or she can get a travel money card in other currencies too. If the customer is an England citizen he can get a money card in dollars or in sterling apart from the pounds.

There are several other ways in which this travel money card might be beneficial for the customer

This type of money card has good exchange rate than the rate at which the customer is charged when he or she makes the exchange at the airport. There are many airports which have exchange booths from where you can get the cash exchanged. But the exchange rates offered by these booths will be much lower than the rates offered by the cards.

The exchange rate offered by the travel card is much better than the exchange rate that is offered by other debit and credit cards.  Those credit and debit cards charge about 2.75% on the transactions of foreign currency. The customers again will have to pay the fee for withdrawing cash from the Automatic Teller Machines. Thus the travel money card is much beneficial as compared to other credit and debit cards.

The customers will not have any fee for usage of the sales. In other debit and credit cards, they charge a fee of 2.75 percent on all the transactions that are done on foreign currency. Most of the travel cards will not charge any fee while they make any sale. While the customer make use of the benefits of this card in hotels, restaurants and shops and so on.

Most of these travel cards charge very lower ATM fee in place of the higher percentage of fee charged by other credit cards and debit cards. It has a fixed rate for ATM charges. Thus by using this card, the customers will be able to save a lot of money.

The customers can make a check of the balance of money in the accounts through online. They will be able to keep track of the transaction history that has done recently. They provide the customer with a feature to get the accurate checking of the account. One can use this by using mobile phones too.

Most of the travel cards enable the customer to make use of more than a single card in a single account. The first thing the customer can do is to check with the card provider and if they offer the particular service, he or she can take an additional card along with them. This spare card must be kept safe.  

Thus the card holder can make the best use of travel cards. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.