Credit Cards come in various designs. There has been a change in the designs of credit cards compared to the earlier days. The standard design has changed to speciality design. Some credit cards contain logos of universities and even family members photos. Again the designs are being changed. Unendorsed credit cards are an example.

Master Card and Visa will be issuing the unendorsed cards. This is done for accommodating the changes in the payment culture. There are chances that you may already have an idea about what these cards are and how they look like. These latest unendorsed cards come with a smooth and flat surface. This is a change from the old method of having raised symbols and numbers. This increases the security of the card-holders as the imprints of such cards are very difficult to make.

These Unendorsed cards are similar to the ones which are still in use and accepted everywhere. So the merchants have to consider these latest unendorsed credit cards as a prepaid, debit or credit card.

There is only one difference in them. The information on the card is indent or thermal and laser-engraved. The information on the cards includes security character, validity date, PAN and the name of the card-holder.

On the card there is a disclaimer which says “only electronic use”. This implies that the use of the card is possible only at the point-of-sale electronic terminals. If a merchant accepts this card and he is without an electronic terminal may have to face the risk of a chargeback from the card company. This will be done if the charges are disputed.

For those merchants who are already using a credit card electronic terminal the change to these latest credit cards is seamless. This is so because the processing of the cards will be the same. Just swipe them with the help of the strip on the card. After swiping the card wait for the authorization. Next thing to do is to take the signature of the customer. But for the mobile merchants the change may cause difficulties initially. So a change of the process may be required for them.

Conventionally what the mobile merchants do is to make the credit card imprint from a customer. The processing is done later. The processing is done on a card terminal (land-based). As the attest Unendorsed cards do not have raised characters like the other cards it will be difficult to create the imprint. These mobile merchants will have to face the risk of a chargeback by the issuer of the cards. This happens if the customer disputes the charge.

Upgrading of the payment system is the most suitable method for these mobile merchants to over come this problem. The system can be upgraded to one wireless terminal. These can read the strip on the card. This will help them to obtain the full revenue for the transactions of credit cards. This is an easy step and can be done without much effort. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.