Useful Tips For High Risk Ecig Merchant Account Holders Regarding the IP Detection

All businessmen having high risk merchant accounts need to have a good knowledge on the technical aspects of credit card processing. Although this does not mean that they have to be experts, a little knowledge will be helpful to them and they can run the merchant account smoothly. The internet business is associated with many risks in comparison to the traditional method. It is better to start an online business venture if you lack the required information on the process of billing through credit cards.

The providers of merchant accounts will use several methods so that the charge back numbers can be lessened, like IP Address Detection, proxy server identification, restricting usage of email addresses without a name and the credit card validation.

Unnamed Email Address:

The providers of these accounts will ensure the following are valid: email address, phone number, shipping address and the credit card. It is better to reject the credit card owners who give email addresses or anonymous addresses from several free providers like, and

Other issues and the Validation of Credit Cards

All merchants need to integrate a system for validation with the issuing banks of the customer. All merchants will conduct a double check so that the matching of phone number and zip code can be checked. This should include billing addresses. Some people are not willing to do business with people from places of high risk.

Working of IP Address detection

The payment system of the merchants can be made more secure by detection and storing of the IP Addresses of their customers. While conducting business online, security is the main concern.

IP Geolocation is an effective prevention method against credit card fraud. Filtering of doubtful IP addresses should be done. The Process takes place like this:

Step 1) – The merchants can find out the IP Addresses with the use of modern technologies like IP Geolocation and you can also validate it with the use of the IP Validation technologies. The categorization can be done by the area code, address, zip code or country.

Step 2) – The Geolocation technologies and IP Validation identify the place where the user is and then compare it with the billing address that has been provided in the account.

Step 3) – The merchants double check and analyze the transactions and filter the legitimate ones from the illegitimate ones. If any fraud is suspected, the transactions are blocked with an immediate effect.

Proxy Server Identification

The use of a proxy server can increase a network's performance with the use of a catching system. A cache can be referred to as storage for the web pages which are recently viewed. The primary purpose is to increase the network efficiency with the catching of web pages along with the images which are recently downloaded.

The two modern technologies IP address detection and Proxy Server Identification go hand in hand. Merchant account holders may not be able to detect customer’s IP Addresses if they hide behind proxy servers without a name. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.