Visa Debit Tobacco Merchant Account Cards

Most people might be aware of the procedures that must be followed while using credit cards. In a credit card, one can purchase things and the payment can be made later through a bill which will be issued to the person at the end of a month. One can spend the money according to the credit limit which is allowed to you. They will take the money straight which reduces the risk of the debt getting accumulated.

Now let us discuss the benefits of a visa debit card and its characteristics which make it different from credit cards.  If you are a visa debit card holder, you have the option of purchasing products from the shops of your choice. One can make the purchase from any shop which keeps a plank saying that they accept visa debit cards. Another benefit of a visa benefit card is that you can immediately withdraw the cash from the respective savings account through ATM’s or automatic teller machines. While you set out to withdraw money from the ATM, one must confirm the pin number in the monitor of the automatic teller machines.

Visa debit is one of the products of the visa debit card. They are given to you in a stamped  way and the acceptance mark which it carries with it helps the user to use the card in lot of places world wide wherever there is the logo of visa is exhibited. The significance of visa debit card is the signage of visa which it carries on the right portion of the card in the front. This can also be displayed in the below portion or above the hologram sign.  

In un-embossed visa debit card, the display of the card will be like a normal visa card. The difference in this card is that the sixteen digit number is printed on the card instead of getting it embossed. The date of expiry and the name of the card holder are printed in this type of card. The writing ‘electronic use only’ will be printed in the front portion of the card. One cannot see a ‘V’ symbol on the card. One cannot use this card which is unstamped, in a machine. One can only get it swapped at the terminal portion of the store.

An authorization which is given by the user is a must in visa debit cards if you reach the terminal. There will be a code in the chip or within the magnetic strip which makes the prompting for authorization.

This visa debit card is used by a large amount of people all over the globe and has lot of utilities. This can be used at almost all the ATM’s all over the world. The card will have its logo printed in the front portion. The number of the account will also be presented partially or completely. If the account number is shown partially in four digits, the digits will be last four numbers. The expiry date of the card will be displayed on the front portion of the card. The pin member will be displayed below the number of the account in the front portion. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.