What are the eligibilities for a nutra merchant account in the United States?

Most of the persons will be aware of the benefits of merchant accounts. It helps the business men to accept the credit cards from the customers through internet. As per the expert opinion, this is the easiest way to get the sales volume of the business increased and thus increasing the profit. In the present competitive world, it is essential to make the credit card payment convenient. This is necessary to attract the customers and to make the credit card payment convenient. If the company did not make the credit card payment compulsory, the company might lose the customers. Any way, obtaining the merchant account is not at all easy in the United States.

Master card and Visa are the leading credit card suppliers in the United States. They are the leading firms in the world wide. The important task before each and every bank is to create a list of firms compulsorily if they are the members of the network of Visa and Master card. The providers of the merchant account should also have a list.

The factor to identify whether a particular firm must be included in the black list or not in the United States is their potential. The companies which are having higher charge backs will not be allowed to have a merchant account in the United States. There are reports which tell about the firms which has higher charge backs which cannot be accepted. For a business man who already have a merchant account cannot sit relaxed as they will be closely monitored for over three months. If it is found that the particular firm has charge backs their merchant account will be terminated immediately. The providers of the account services will have to pay the penalty from the merchants for charging higher levels of charge backs. This makes the providers to strictly check the charge back levels.

  • The firms which do certain particular business will not get the approval for the Merchant accounts in the United States. This is because these businesses will have higher levels of charge backs.
  • Those merchants who are involved in unlawful businesses or other activities
  • Adult oriented products using telephones, internet, news papers and through other media
  • Pharmacies which does the business online and where the patient does not have to visit the doctor in person. The patient interacts with the doctor through mail or telephone
  • Those businesses where the products are imported from other countries
  • Those businesses which sell online weapons or arms and other ammunitions
  • Those firms where gambling and raffles take place and lotteries are sold
  • Those firms which provide services of escorts and occult materials

The merchant account will not be given to those firms which dose the business of collecting the debt. It is also not entitled to those firms which help the agents to get the credit history repaired. Those firms which does the forecasting of sports and the making of odds will not granted the permission to create a merchant account. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.