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ACH Processing Services

ACH Processing Services

ACH processing services are ever becoming one of the most popular forms of payment for merchants nationwide. Both merchants and customers have found ACH processing to be very beneficial. Most customers and merchants are used to working with Visa, MasterCard and other well known debit and credit card companies. These companies have a monopoly on payment processing activities until ACH processing services became popular. ACH processing allows customers and merchants to exchange payment without having to pay a royalty to a company that does not offer any additional services.

Customers are eager to pay with their bank account directly in order to avoid any type of excess fees or hassles that are common with paying by debit or credit card. There are no bills to pay at the end of the month and no checks to write. Payments are debited directly from the consumer’s account and once the payment has cleared the money is automatically credited to the merchant’s bank account. Customers that are paying for a recurring service or membership greatly appreciate the ease of working with ACH processing services.

Merchants that have tried accepted payment by ACH processing always continue to use the service. These merchants have realized that their business has grown and the processing fees they are paying have decreased. ACH processing services are less expensive than normal credit card or debit card processing services. It is more difficult for merchants to chargeback payments compared to a normal credit card or debit card. Customers are forced to call the merchant and work out the problem. Merchants operating any business today are aware that a customer can easily call their credit card company and dispute or reverse a charge without calling the merchant. This is not the case with ACH processing services. Customers must call the merchant and explain the problem so that it can be resolved.

Offshore Merchants is a proven leader in the ACH processing services field. They have been providing ACH processing services since 2007 and have developed a network of ACH processors to handle nearly any type of business located worldwide. They service most industries and are available to assist the merchant with setting up a reliable and low cost payment system for their business. ACH processing services are normally setup in less than a week however it depends on your business type.

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