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Ecigarette Merchant Account

Ecigarette Merchant Account

Ecigarette merchants have become increasingly popular over the last few years however this business has been added to the list of high risk business included with; adult and tobacco businesses. This is mainly because of the fact that ecigarettes have not been approved by the FDA and when they are sold in retail brick and mortar settings, the customer is required to be of legal age to purchase them. It is proven that ecigarettes have less health hazards than traditional cigarettes however they are still considered high risk to process payments for. Ecigarette merchants usually sell these products on their website, the payment processors are mostly based outside of the USA because of legal liabilities. There are US based ecigarette merchant processors however they are limited.

Ecigarette merchants have to provide several documents when they apply for an ecigarette merchant account. Similar to any other high risk business, the merchant is required to provide previous processing history however if the business is a startup they should be aligned with a domestic payment processor in order to receive approval. Offshore payment processors are not very interested in start up businesses. Ecigarette merchants should apply for a domestic merchant processor if they are interested in being approved as a start up business. If the ecigarette merchant has previous processing history and that previous history is clean, the merchant should apply domestically as well as with an offshore payment processor. Many payment processors will work with businesses that have solid processing history because it shows the bank that the merchant is a good risk.

Ecigarette merchants looking to open a merchant account should contact Offshore Merchants. They have been setting up ecigarette merchant accounts since 2007 and are specialized in payment processing for high risk merchants both offshore and domestic.

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