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Ecig Merchant Account

Ecig Merchant Account

Ecig merchants have become very popular over the past few years. This is mainly because ecigs are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Many businesses are selling ecigs online and the requirement of accepting credit card and debit card payments has been requested by the customers. Most ecig merchants will see an exponential growth in their business when they begin accepting card payments.

Why are ecigs considered high risk? This is because they have not been approved by the FDA, have not been proven to be a safe alternative to cigarettes and also the states and the federal government have not been able to tax them, yet. Until this time they will be considered high risk. Customers purchasing ecigs must be 18 years old to buy them similar to cigarettes and other tobacco products. All industries that require an age to purchase a product and are based online are considered high risk.

What payment processing options do ecig merchants have? There are a number of options that ecig merchants have however most of them are for businesses with previous processing history. Ecig merchants are able to accept credit cards, debit cards and echecks pretty easily. Startup merchants will be able to accept credit cards and debit cards through a US payment processing company. Echecks will also be available to startup ecig merchants. Offshore banks on the other hand will not be interested in startup ecig merchants since there is no processing history and no track records with how the merchant operates their business.

Ecig merchants should partner themselves with a payment processor that has focused their business into accepting ecig merchants. Offshore Merchants has been setting up ecig merchants since 2007. They will be able to setup startup and already processing ecig merchants quickly and easily.

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