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Call Center Merchant Account

Call Center Merchant Account

Call center merchant accounts are high risk mainly because of the selling techniques used by sales reps along with the advertising or cold calling lead generation. Call centers operate in several ways. Some operate in an inbound telemarketing setup while others operate in an outbound telemarketing setup. Both types of call centers are considered high risk by banks and payment processors. Call center merchant accounts have been designed to allow these businesses to accept credit and debit cards in order to process their sales.

Outbound telemarketing merchants have the highest reported amount of chargebacks since these merchants are calling customers, many of which have not directly opted in for the offer they are selling. The customers may have opted in to purchase a similar or complimentary service or product however they have not opted in for this specific product. This is common when call centers purchase lists for the desired customer audience they are targeting. Many merchants will find that their customers are not as qualified as they hoped and will still sell them the product or service. A normal situation would be where call centers call on elderly people that are on a fixed budget and sell them a product or service that may put them above their intended monthly budget. These merchants are just asking for chargebacks or customer issues. The problems arise from rogue sales agents within the call center which could be more than a small percentage that will do anything in order to make a sale and earn their commission or bonus. They are fully aware of what they are doing is high risk and that there is a good chance or a higher than normal chance that the merchant will receive a chargeback for the order. The sales agent refuses to accept his better judgment and continues to make these sales. Now the problems begin for the business. First of all they will be paying out commissions to the sales agent that made the sales and shipping the product or providing the service that was ordered. Next the customer service representatives will be fielding calls that are from a customer wanting to cancel the service or return the product. The customer service representative will then explain to the customer how to return the product or cancel the service. If the customer is unable to easily cancel the sale or unable to cancel the sale at all, the business will receive a chargeback that will end up costing the business all of their profits and all of the other costs that they had to payout initially. Call center merchants must be very careful who they choose to work at their companies.

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