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Online Dating Merchant Account

Online Dating Merchant

Online dating merchant accounts are very popular as the increase in dating websites evolves throughout the US and the world. These businesses are grouped with high risk businesses since there is a higher chance of fraud and chargebacks associated with these types of businesses. Dating merchants and their websites are considered high risk for a number of reasons. As with most businesses considered high risk, dating is a service only business with no product. There is no guarantee that the customer actually receives what they are purchasing. A product based business would have a number of factors that would give evidence that the product was shipped and received.

Dating websites have fraud protection tools however if someone is using a credit card that is actually theirs and they chargeback the sale there is no way of protecting against this. The banks call this friendly fraud. Tracking IP addresses and sending out confirmation emails is the best way to combat this. Some payment processors have a black list of cardholders that have filed chargebacks before. Declining orders or payments from these customers will help to avoid friendly fraud. Dating merchants have worked to avoid fraud and unhappy customers by providing refunds right away. If a customer complains they are credited back within days. No questions asked. This is the best way to limit chargebacks.

Offshore Merchants is able to setup your dating website with payment processing services. If your business has previous processing history it will greatly assist your business with approval at a competitive rate. If you are planning on starting an online dating website, you will need to provide the payment processing with financial documents in order to prove that your business is stable enough and able to expand. Payment processors do not like servicing small merchant accounts.

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