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Adult Merchant Account

Adult Merchant Account

Adult merchants are usually categorized as medium to high risk merchants. Payment processors usually feel that the smaller the merchant the higher the risk. There are many factors that add to this equation however smaller merchants will need to overcome this while larger merchants will benefit. The adult merchants will have to compile their documents into an application package and use this when applying to different payment processors. A well put together merchant application package will speed up the time the bank takes for approving or declining the account. When payment processors have to keep requesting or asking for more documents it shows the bank that this merchant maybe trying to avoid or hide something.

Already operating adult merchants will have an easier road ahead of them when acquiring a new merchant account. These businesses will be able to provide previous processing history to show the banks exactly what their chargebacks and sales are. The bank will then be able to make an educated decision on whether to approve or decline the merchant. This method of underwriting is very standard and normal for adult merchants.

Start up adult merchants will have a tougher road ahead of them when it comes time to getting setup with an adult merchant account. These merchants will have to make sure all of their supporting documents are in line to be able to receive an approval. It is important that these merchants do not miss any part of the application as well. Start up adult merchants will have a harder time since there is no history and the merchants do not have a track record for their business. Offshore start up adult businesses will have a slightly harder time being approved because of the lack of processing history that most offshore bank require. However, there are still solutions available that will accept start up adult merchants.

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