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Continuity Merchant Account

Continuity Merchant

Continuity merchants are considered high risk because of the sales strategy that is utilized by these types of businesses. The recurring billing and trial offer selling strategy creates higher than normal chargebacks and retrievals that banks and payment processors find riskier. These merchants sometimes receive a negative image from others in the industry that make up the minority and sell in deceptive ways without good customer support. A continuity merchant is able to operate above board by providing good customer support for customers that are ready to purchase and to customers that have already purchased. If this is done the majority of the issues for the merchant will be minimized.

What is a continuity merchant? A continuity merchant is a merchant that has a selling and billing model that automatically bills customer’s cards, usually monthly. The only way for the customer to discontinue the billing is to contact the merchant and cancel the service or product that is provided to them monthly. Most continuity offers start off by having the customers signing up for a free trial offer. The customer pays a nominal amount for shipping or for the beginning of the program and agrees to being billed monthly or in a couple weeks, depending on the offer in order to continue with the service or product.

How do I obtain a continuity merchant account? Most continuity merchant accounts will be approved offshore. Years back continuity merchant accounts were approved and setup with US domestic banks however this is not the case today. The majority of offshore merchant account providers will require continuity merchants to provide previous processing history in order to be approved. It will be very difficult for a start up continuity merchant to be approved however it is possible but the merchant will need to provide financials to show business stability. If the start up continuity merchant does not have financials they will not be approved. Offshore Merchants has been setting up continuity merchant accounts since 2007 and will be able to assist your business in being approved and setup.

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