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High Risk ACH

High Risk ACH Merchant

High risk ACH processing is a great way for high risk businesses to accept payments. Most businesses have only been accepting payments by way of credit cards and they are experiencing high costs and experiencing higher chargebacks than they have to. ACH processing enables merchants to process all of their payments in a quick and efficient manner at lower rates than normal credit card processing. It is more difficult for customers to chargeback orders when they pay with their checking account in place of their credit or debit card.

Recurring billing model businesses will quickly increase their bottom line and reduce their hassles that arise from dealing with customer disputes. Recurring billing merchants are able to submit their transactions by batch upload or through a virtual terminal and receive approvals and payments in a quick fashion. High risk merchants will realize the benefit of using high risk ach processing in place or alongside their credit card processing. A low ticket item that is billed every month is the best type of product or service for ach processing. A merchant will be paying 1/2 to 2/3 of the rate they will be paying with normal high risk credit card processing services.

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