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High Risk ACH Processing

High Risk ACH Processing

High risk ach processing is a requirement for many businesses because of the ease of use. ACH processing has many benefits over traditional credit card processing. Many merchants are moving away from credit card processing because of the hassles involved. ACH processing is easier to be approved for and it is harder for the customers to chargeback which is also a benefit to the merchant. ACH processing fees are less expensive and the payout timeframe is more frequent to the merchant. Merchants are able to upload all of their transactions at the end of the day into the bank’s system and the transactions are then processed.

Reoccurring billing is easier to collect when the merchant is debiting a bank account instead of a credit card. Yes, there is a chance that there will be insufficient funds available however once the payment is accepted, it is much harder for the customer to chargeback the sale. Merchants are setting up payment acceptance with ACH and it works perfectly if the transaction amount is small. A small transaction amount easily slips through when a customer is checking their statements. These customers have for the most part been switched to ebills and estatements which most people do not view as often compared with their credit card bill.

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