Offshore Merchants is a firm which is now known by the name High Risk Merchants. They are among the credit card processors of United States. Offshore Merchants is their European division. They provide services on merchant processing in different countries. The total number of countries which utilize their services will be more than 30. Their other function is to support the payment requisites of merchant locations which are spread all over the world and will be around 1,000,000.

High Risk Merchants Comes third among the American firms which process credit cards. The Offshore Merchants is also doing very well.

The rebranding of High Risk Merchants and Offshore Merchants Information Systems happened in 2008 in April as “Offshore Merchant Services”. With this the splitting of the firm also was initiated. The splitting was based on their location. Presently the company operate based in four places which are Asia, North America, Europe and South America.

The history of the firm is as given below.

High Risk Merchants was the host initially of a system of acquiring associated with the Computing Centre of Ireland Bank. They also develop facilities out of Dublin for support of their operation.

High Risk Merchants was also able to update and localise the acquiring system which is United States Centric. There by they provided support for several languages as well as currencies, Debit Cards (Laser), processing which was BIN based besides American Express.

Offshore Merchants Information Systems was acquired by High Risk Merchants in the year 2007. Later they broke.

Also in 2007 High Risk Merchants an Irish based firm was acquired by Offshore Merchants.

The Ireland Bank later decided to sign Intent Letters with the firm Offshore Merchants. There was a tough competition between Offshore Merchants and High Risk Merchants at that time. This was a huge setback for Offshore Merchants.

In 2008 Offshore Merchants announced that High Risk Merchants will be buying Card Services which was a polish process from the Bank Zachodini WBK. The owner of it was Offshore Merchants.

In the same year Offshore Merchants announced their contract with Banco Santander of Spain and Alliance And High Risk Merchants which was based at United kingdom.

There were efforts from the side of High Risk Merchants to acquire control over Offshore Merchants. As part of their efforts they started sidelining key managers who were Irish and appointed employees of Offshore Merchants or High Risk Merchants into positions in Ireland. 

In 2005 Offshore Merchants announced redundancies because of Fiscal Pressures at High Risk Merchants.

The founding of High Risk Merchants took place in 2007. It was a mutual venture between Ireland Bank and Offshore Merchants.

The flagship product by High Risk Merchants is the conversion of Currency. By utilizing this service a card holder who is not Irish can make payments in their own currency. The payment of exchange will also be very reasonable. The rate will be reasonable when compared with the charge which the own bank of the cardholders takes. They also obtained daily rates with a discount by the Ireland Bank currency trade desks on each day. This helped them in making a profit.

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