Precautions for OFFSHORE online credit cards

As the companies and economies have gone global, there has been a phenomenal increase in the total number of virtual shops. Several people now prefer shopping online rather than wasting hours shopping in market places. The availability of a desired product can be obtained with just the click of a mouse. Similar products can be compared with the various market deals on the internet. The payments for these transactions made over the internet are mainly done with credit cards. This leads to a very important question: is the usage of credit cards over the internet completely safe? There are a number of experts who find is safer to use credit cards over the internet when compared to using credit cards at places such as restaurants or petrol pumps.

The reason behind this is that a credit card firm or a bank, which adds to the authenticity factor, can only view the transactions being made. However, this theme is discouraged by a number of people as it is not east to trust retailers as he/she might misuse the details. In such situations, shopping online is considered a boon for many. However, this too is established with the fear of theft of credit card information.

Following are a few steps which should be considered while making purchases online:

-       Firstly, it is best to check the shopping site’s authenticity. The vendor being dealt with should be a reliable one and the browser being used should also be a secure one.

-       The vendor details must be checked before and transaction is made so that forgery can be avoided.

-       It is always advisable to make a purchase only on sites when have the security icon in place, especially while making transactions and payments.

-       Before the card details are revealed, a call must be made to the vendor so that their authenticity can be checked.

-       It is best to use a personal computer while making purchases over the internet. Also, the computer needs to be updated with the latest version of firewall and anti – virus software. It is best to avoid computer at internet cafes while shopping over the internet.

-       The PIN and the account number of the credit card have to be kept a secret. This is because, these details will never be asked by genuine vendors as they are of no use during transactions.

-       After a product is purchased over the internet, the credit card statement needs to be checked so that the amount that actually needs to be paid can be cross checked. Also, it is a good practice to keep printouts of the dealings made.

-       If a doubt persists on the authentication of the company, it is best to opt for other payment methods.

Despite several odds which get associated with shopping over the internet with the usage of credit cards, its popularity has increased manifold in the past few years. Also, internet shopping is now a regularly used option by most consumers.

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