Preventing your business’ per transaction fee from blowing off into nonsense proportions using the high volume OFFSHORE merchant account

The monthly turnover of your business is up. The demand is rising and therefore you manufacture more. You are on the 9th cloud because you are making good profit. What Next? Is a good question. The answer is: get your business the advantage of the “High Volume Merchant Account”.

If your business is crossing the $10,000 mark, then it is considered to be “High Volume”.

Normal Dealings

Since your business accepts payments through credit card, you already have a merchant account. To maintain the account you pay a few cents for every transaction that your business makes, through credit card. Therefore, the fee in the monthly statement depends on the number of transactions which are done. Let’s look at the good and the bad in this scenario. First thing is, since you have a huge number of transactions, your business is doing some great business. However, you will have to pay a huge sum for the statement bill because of the fee charged for each transaction.

Balancing Act

The opening of a “High Volume Merchant Account” will balance the situation. With this account you will get reasonable rates and fees on the mid and non – qualified sales. Therefore, it will result in a lower rate for the per transaction charge that you pay. Therefore, you will not have to worry about huge transaction charges even though you will have high volumes of credit card transactions. But, this kind of business is considered as “High Risk” due to much charge back’s and refunds. Therefore, if you are looking for security and stability then your choice is the “Offshore Merchant Account”.

Reaping the Fruits

When you are charged lesser for your business transactions due to your “Offshore High Volume Merchant Account”, you can put more funds in your “Business Improvement” account. May be you can upgrade you Processing Software or venture into other verticals or expand to new geographies. You can also increase the salaries of your work force which will motivate them to work harder. This will increase the profits of your company and then everybody is happy.

Making a Good Choice

Since the “High Volume Merchant Account” is such an important asset for your business you have to choose it properly. Some of the points that you have to look into are:

  • No hidden charges with low rates
  • Flexible policies
  • The capability to process high volumes

The provider of your “High Volume Merchant Account” should have the capacity to accommodate a huge number of orders each month. Your provider should also be able to link your merchant account to a bank account with no limits related to daily transactions. If you take a bank account with a daily limit, then you will have several unsatisfied customers who will eventually move to other suppliers.

You provider should also offer standard clauses and good quality. The rates and fees should be very competitive.

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.