Many people use the Ezine Solo ad to generate traffic to their sites. This is a very effective method that has worked for many online marketers. This is a method to generate traffic by building a list of your own by using other people’s list.

First, let’s look in to the meaning of an ezine. Any electronic magazine that is mailed to a particular group of online subscribers, at regular intervals is known as an ezine. When you place your ad with the ezine, your web site or service or product is exposed to all the people who are subscribed to that ezine. If any of them are interested to purchase you product, they will log in to your site and buy it.

There are several ezines available in the market, therefore you have to perform a research on all the ezines and find out which one is targeted towards your niche. The more focused the ezine is towards your niche, the more the number of leads generated by placing an ad with that ezine. The size of the ezines list does not determine how effective it is because there are many instances where people have benefitted a lot from an ezine which had a shorter subscriber list.

You can start by placing ads in many ezines. They don’t cost much. Then, you have to track the traffic and the conversion rate that you are getting from each ezine. Once you finish this analysis, eliminate all those ezines which are not giving you profits. There are many types of advertisements that can be put up in an ezine but it is advisable to use Solo ads, as this form of advertisement produces the best results.

What’s a Solo ad? It is a kind of advertisement that is sent to all the email addresses in the list, by itself and does not have any limited length. Due to this reason, this form of advertisement costs more, however these deliver good results. Hence, they are worth every penny that you pay.

Before placing an ad with any ezine, you should subscribe to it and find out whether the content is related to your niche.

Another effective way of generating traffic is by using list building services. In this technique, people come to your site and register them selves to receive your free newsletter and hence, you don’t have to worry about your mails being directed to the spam folder.

This service works in 2 ways –

  1. You can take a subscription fee, either once every month or once every year and send one or two emails each month.
  2. You can allow people to sign up for free provided they introduce at least 4 persons with in the same year.

In the beginning, when you have just opened your site you can use the second method to build your list and after your business starts to picks up you can start charging people for the subscription.

These two methods are very effective in generating traffic for your website. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.