Paying using the credit card is the most popular mode of payment on the net, today. If you are the owner of a small trade or business, then you will mostly not have obtained a merchant account which makes it difficult for you to accept payments through credit cards. But, it is wise to find a way to accept payments through credit cards on your site as soon as possible because if you don’t your competitors will take away some of your customers. Also, accepting credit card payments is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your customer base. Furthermore, the entire transaction will be completed in less than a week’s time.

Small time businesses have an economically viable option of accepting credit cards by signing up with a third party processor, who will be authorised to process all the credit cards for the business. For the community of small businesses where the cash flow is tight, this option is most viable. Processing of Credit Cards does not come cheap. A small – volume account which has less than a thousand transactions a month will attract a fee of two hundred dollars followed by twenty dollars per month as processing fees.

If you are the owner of a website doing online business, then encrypted and secure connections should be your highest priority for the purpose of secure processing of credit cards. “Fraud Prevention Tools” are also required to prevent “credit card scams”.

Reliable “Processors of Credit Cards” for owners of small business come in various types of which, banks are most dependable. Financial Service Providers, Independent Sales Organizations and 3rd Party Credit Card Processing firms can be “credit card processors”. 2 most important factors to look in to prior to signing a deal with any credit card processor are “customer service potentiality” and “price”.

The provider of your merchant account, who will be doing business with you, will need an assurance from you stating that you have excellent knowledge in your line of business. He also requires you to identify the risks and how to reduce or prevent fraud.

From the business owner point of view, he should know what is and how does a merchant account work before signing up with a Small Business Credit Card Processor. He should evaluate how each of these payment modes will affect the profitability of his business.

A Merchant Account is somewhat like a relationship that is created between the processor and the trader which allows the trader to give a new option of payment for his customers using the credit card. Merchant Account is needed if you want to survive on the internet. Merchant Account can increase your revenue and customers in the best possible way.

However, since it is not affordable by small business owners, they have to look for other options. One of the best options is using the services of a “Small Business Credit Card Processor” who will set up the credit card processing unit for free.

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