Whether a web site survives or not depends on the number of visitors it gets each day. The more the traffic to a web site, the higher are the chances of surviving for the web site and the online business to grow. This is the only reason why online marketers are continuously trying to find newer and more innovative ways to attract people to their site.

If you have an online business, the only way you can make money is by generating traffic. The more the traffic to your site, the more successful your business will be and the more money you can make. This is what motivates the online marketers to prepare wisely before they start their campaign, and the primary aim of all online marketers is to be the favourite of major search engines.

Given below are a few winning methods that will boost traffic to your web site:

Invest in advertising with major search engines. The search engines are the main source of targeted traffic.

Yahoo and Google generally attract huge amount of traffic since they are the most popular search engines on the net. These search engines also offer good schemes for advertising.

Exchange links with other sites and online shops.

Link exchanges or link trades happen when 2 sites agree to insert each others hyperlink’s on their respective web sites. The links are usually inserted in a list, or on separate pages. Link trades will be beneficial to both parties since each party will increase its back link count by 1. Moreover, link exchanges are free since it requires only an agreement.

Viral Marketing

This technique is some what equivalent to undercover advertising, in which articles, games and videos and any thing else are spread all over the internet through sites and blogs and has the name of the company attached to it. This technique is very cheap; however, how effective it will be depends on how attractive and creative your ads are.

Use the most popular and appropriate key phrases or key words in your web site

Since most of the targeted traffic on the net comes through search engines, your web site should be made search engine friendly. The process of making your web site search engine friendly is called search engine optimization.

Create articles and upload on article directories

Creating informative articles and submitting it to popular article directories will increase awareness and boost up the interest in your website.

You have to create articles related to your industry and upload it on your web site or submit it to article directories.

Participate in online forums

A clever way of advertising your site is participating in online forum discussions regarding your line of business. You should also create online communities as it will attract new customers.

Create newsletters

Creating newsletters and giving it away for free is another way to create awareness about your business. However, the content should be of good quality otherwise it will create a negative impression of your business.

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