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Terminated TMF Merchant Account

TMF Merchant Account

Offshore Merchants accepts merchants that have been terminated from their current provider for most reasons. Merchants are able to be terminated for several different reasons including but not limited to; fraud, high volume, industry type, chargebacks, ticket size etc. Terminated merchants operating a high risk business will be familiar with the high risk rates and terms. They will most likely be slightly higher than the merchant is used to but they will be close. The terminated merchant will most likely be placed in an aggregate account in order to process their sales. This way the banks and card brands are not aware they are one of the merchants processing.

Terminated merchants are able to be approved for a TMF merchant offshore however if the business operates in a low risk domestic environment, for example a card present retail store, the merchant will most likely not find the offshore merchant account processing rates and fees favorable. Domestic TMF merchant accounts are not available or provided by banks or payment processors. In this case the terminated merchants would need to find a new signer. Secondly, they would have to create a new corporation with a new address and then obtain the merchant account in that name. This would be the only way this merchant will be able to process cards again domestically. If the merchant is a high risk offshore merchant they will find the terms more favorable.

Offshore Merchants has been setting up high risk terminated merchant accounts since 2007. Terminated merchants are able to be setup and process transactions. Usually accounts take 1-2 weeks for approval if the merchant has provided all of the documentation. Most merchant accounts are able to be setup within a week after approval. Terminated merchants should make sure to have all of their supporting documentation together along with their signed pre-application.

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