This article gives your a few tips to successfully generate targeted traffic to your web site.

  1. Writing Good Articles – This is the oldest online marketing technique, almost as old as the internet itself, which works even today. This is a slow but steady method to generate long term targeted traffic. This method will get you many one-way back links as well as targeted traffic in just one step. The key to creating good quality articles is: spin each article that is written by you. The more number of articles you write the more targeted traffic you will get. You have to insert a link to your site in each article.
  2. Submitting Articles – by submitting articles to popular directories regularly, with your web site’s URL, will generate laser target traffic for your web site. However, don’t include the URL in the article itself, but put it in the resource box. If there are any URL’s in the body of the article, most popular article directories will reject your articles.
  3. Blogging, Forums, etc – Always find new and innovative ways to generate more traffic. Forums are very popular today and make a big deal. Create a schedule where you can constantly help members in blogs, discussion boards, forums, etc. This will prove that you are an expert in your field and therefore, you will earn the trust of the people. To benefit from these sites, you have to include your signature, containing your web site’s URL. Do not spam any site because this will spoil your hard earned reputation.
  4. Update your Content – To make your visitors return to your web site regularly, you should constantly update the contents of your site. The content should be unique which is not found any where else on the internet. This attracts your visitors and they will check your web site at least once per day. They will also recommend your site to their family and friends.
  5. RSS Feeds – Develop a RSS Feed for your site. Make sure that you constantly update it, preferably once every 12 hours. You can make use of online resources such as FeedBurner to develop RSS Feeds and then place it in the header.
  6. Submitting the RSS Feed – Submit the RSS feed which you created for your web site to several RSS directories. Search on Google with the phrase “RSS Feed Submission” and submit it in all the sites which accept RSS feeds. Submit your RSS feed at least in 25 or more sites for a period of one month. RSS feeds help in gaining back links which will increase the traffic to your web site.
  7. Ping Blog Pinging Websites such as Google Blog each time you update your RSS feeds. There are automatic ways of sending pings to these sites when you update your RSS feeds. You will need the assistance of a professional programmer to set up the automatic pinging program.
  8. Create news or call for a press meet where the launching of your site will be seen by several viewers.

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