Whether for fun, gaming, business or any other thing, there is a lot of information available on the internet which is very beneficial to its users.

In the last few years, many online businessmen have learnt how to optimise their web sites to become search engine friendly. The process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. More and more people are starting to see the power of article marketing in generating highly targeted traffic to their sites. Some people have created web sites dedicated completely to articles which can be read by the visitors of the web site and they also have links which leads to many other websites which are associated to the subjects and topics of those articles.

For example, websites may have several articles on several topics. The visitors of the website, also called article directories, search for articles on specific topics. When they find it, they will read it and at the end there is a resource box which will have the link of the website that submitted that article. Obviously, the article will be related to the website. For example, if an article tells you how to rotate tires, then the link in the resource box will direct you to a site that markets and sells car parts or tires.

The resource box is found at the bottom of every article. It will have the name and a description of the writer, a description of the site that sponsored the link and a URL or a link. If the reader is impressed by the article, they will try to find out the original source of article to get more information like that. This will lead them to your site where they will be able to find more information on the topic or subject.

However, just like the article, the resource box should also be catchy so that it will attract the reader. Although the resource box occupies only a very small space, inserting the correct content and keywords in your resource box will make sure that the reader will click on the link provided in the box.

Therefore, it is the resource box that is most useful for you and your business. However, people only click on the link in the resource box if they find your article interesting. Therefore, make sure that your article is of good quality.

Upload your articles in several article directories and not just one or two. However, be careful to upload it in the relevant section and don’t submit your articles to scam sites. There are several web sites which permit you to submit articles to their web sites since they use these articles to fill up their web pages. They also receive affiliation with many other websites which is beneficial to them. The benefit for the sponsoring website is that they get traffic to their site when internet users click on the link in the resource box. This traffic is highly targeted and therefore, the chances of making a sale are very high.

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