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Offshore Payment Gateway System

Choosing The Best Offshore Payment Gateway System

The interest in payment gateway increased with the advent of ecommerce business. Ecommerce was made possible due to payment gateways for making online payments. The payment gateways are the easiest way to make payments online or transfer money electronically.

Payment gateways are provided by a financial institution that acts as a transfer agent between the buyers and merchants. Online payment gateways help consumers to transfer funds and make payments all over the world. A number of online payment gateways offer additional services such as sending invoices, making payments though cell phones, emails or online. Currency exchange is provided at a minimal cost in the case of international transactions.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of payment gateways. There are as follows –

  • It is convenient to make a payment or transfer.
  • There is good level of security due to encryption.
  • Consumers are guaranteed for all the transactions made.

When online payment systems are set-up on websites, purchases can be made by consumers without facing any difficulty. Payment gateways play a key role in accepting online payments. Another essential factor is that there is gateway compatibility. Consumers do not prefer buying products or services from merchants whose payment gateway system isn’t compatible with other gateway systems. Following are a few questions that need to be asked before selecting a payment gateway –

  1. Which are the other systems that the gateway can be integrated with: American Express, credit cards, Western Union, other gateways?
  2. Are all the transactions guaranteed and will the money be reimbursed in case a problem arises?
  3. Security steps – will digital signature be used by the system? Digital signatures prevent hacking.
  4. Dynamic Internet Protocol address records – will additional security be provided by verifying the IP address?
  5. Does the system have 128-bit Secure Lock Layer security and is automatic encryption used?
  6. What is the speed of completing a transaction? Unless checks are processes electronically, it could take several days to clear. However, electronic transactions need to be instantaneous.

Payment gateway systems such as Epay and PayPal have a number of good features. However, the sad part is that larger firms are the primary targets of hackers when compared to their smaller counterparts.

PayPal is the largest gateway which implies that it has been hacked the most number of times. However, this should not concern traders because there are other online payment gateways which are free from hackers. In addition to this, certain online payment gateways have proved to be secure and scam-free. These payment gateways provide the essential services safely, quickly and easily.

Finally, it is import to remember that while using online payment gateways, no payment system is faultless or perfect. There exist many problems but it is necessary to choose an online payment gateway system that proves to be safe and secure to use. Each payment gateway system needs to be user-friendly so that services can be provided both to the consumer as well as the merchant.

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