In 2002, a company called Thriftway, based in the United States of America introduced an innovative payment system for its customers. It was much simpler and very different and it was more convenient than the credit card. However, to use this method the shoppers had to first sign up with the super market chain. Then, they could make payments for their purchases using only their finger. The system scanned their finger to obtain their finger print which was actually used for the payments.

It is a very inventive system and a better solution against fraud because the fingerprints are obviously unique and therefore credit card fraud becomes almost impossible. Once the customer’s finger print is obtained all the credit cards attached with their account or profile will be displayed. The customer can choose which credit card he would like to use for that purchase.

After three years, it was announced by the president of the supermarket that this system was a big success and it not only provided advanced security but also attracted more consumers. People came from very far off distances to use this technology. It is provided the retail store with a very useful database that consists of all its customers’ details. Therefore, when the store started any new offers or discounts it could be advertised to all its customers by sending messages of making calls.

The huge success of the system was also attributed to the additional security that was provided by the use of the biometrics. Many people, especially senior citizens, used to store because they didn’t even have to carry their credit card with them. Also, after 3 years the store’s president announced that in 3 years of its use there was not even one transaction which was fraudulent. It was a great victory against fraudsters who use credit card.

When the store was planning about this system their primary concern was that, enough customers might not join and the system, though very efficient, will fail to make profits for the company. Therefore, the store had a sixty day trial and the response was so overwhelming that they had to make it permanent immediately. In the world where people are concerned very much about the confidentiality of their data, this scheme was received very well by the customers, making it a huge success.

This technology’s success can also be attributed to its reduction of cost. It saved few cents for each transaction that was done using the debit or credit card. This system had a finger print scanner in the front end and a database of the registered customers in the back end. When the finger print is scanned the record of the person matching the finger print is brought forward so that the customer can then choose which credit card he wants to use for this transaction. Once the card is selected the payment will be made electronically without any further interaction. Therefore, the customer has the benefit of not carrying the credit card also.

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