Facts About Penny Auction International Debit Cards

The popularity of the international debit cards is increasing day by day.  But it has led to certain problems which worsened due to the financial crisis that rocks the world. In the present financial situation, the mistakes that are committed might prove to be fatal. Nowadays, financial firms are stricter in freezing the bank accounts of the employees. If a person possesses a debit card which is untouchable, it will ensure the accessibility of sufficient money.

International debit card is identified and usable all over the world. One can use international debit card in order to get cash from the ATM or from any of the debit card terminal in almost all the countries. As recognition of its international status, it has a logo of either a master card or a visa imprinted on it.

One must haste his or her decisions while trying to possess an international debit card. One must try to gather as much information as possible regarding the debit card so that the applicant will be able to use the card to its maximum and will be able to avoid its exploitations. Most of the people overlook the guidelines that are given in the statement as each and every person will have to abide by the rules of the bank. Most of all the times, the debit card will have a link to any of the private banks which will be called primary bank account. The primary bank account is where all the withdrawals of cash, annual purchases, charges and deductions are done. One’s balance of cash in the primary bank account will decide the amount the debit card holder can make use of. One cannot use of the debit card if one’s primary account has a zero balance or any negative balance.

One must be well aware of the important things regarding the holder of the international debit card. Once the applicant is issued the debit card, he or she has to activate it at automatic teller machine before they set out to get it used. The issuer will provide the person with a pin number which must be kept top secret. The pin number must be known only by the card holder. It must not be disclosed to the retail seller, merchant or to the bank employee.

 Now let us discuss some of the features of the debit card.

  • The card holder can get the money withdrawn from the bank only for a restricted frequency as directed by the bank.
  • While using debit card in the ATM, one will get adequate information regarding the cash balance in the account.
  • In the ATM’s, there will be statements regarding the details of the deals in which the debit card was used.
  • One must get the pin number changed after using is initially.


Usually the card issuer will make tie ups with other financial institutions or any other agencies so that it can render good services to its customers. But in the case of any disputes, the holder of the card must get the problems settled directly with the card issuer. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.