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Foul Play With Casino Merchant Account

Foul Play With Casino Merchant Account

We might have heard of various fraudulent cases that have been reported. These frauds happen to be very intelligent hackers. Fraud can also be called as a foul play. The main problem that an internet merchant faces is fraud. 15 million dollars was calculated as the total loss caused by foul play with merchant accounts in the year 2002.

Fraud can bring down a merchant account to the ground level. While maintaining the merchant account, various rules and formalities between the merchant and the customers have to be followed. It has to be undertaken in a serious manner. A merchant has to be very careful while dealing with the customers and vice-versa.

But in the modern era, these fraud activities are being controlled by the electronic banking system and also various techniques that have emerged. One of the examples of a fraud protection in merchant is Authorize.Net. It is a much improvised method of detecting a fraud case while making transactions. It supports Authorize.Net Virtual Check which means a merchant can accept payments through electronic check and this system helps in screening of any foul play with merchant account. These systems are supported by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. A merchant can easily manage every card transaction with the help of these modern technologies. This system is very efficient in identifying a fake transaction. It automatically scans the information that a card bears. The scanning process includes checking of email addresses, IP address of the internet network, credit card validation and number, background check, etc. The merchants are offered 128 bit protection of the SSL encryption by the Authorize.Net Secure payment Gateway system.

Likewise there are many other branches of the Authorize.Net. HTML is mainly used as a tool for payment posting. This is called Authorize.Net Basic. This system gradually monitors the merchant account protecting it from fraudulent credit card transactions. A merchant can be aware of the fraud transaction, if any, instantly at the point of dealing. There is always high risk of fraud in a merchant account. Because of the internet marketing system, the merchant and the customers are physically not present face to face. At such times, the payment gateways are useful to check whether the user on the other side is actually the original card holder or not. The payment gateways also help in making a safe transaction.

Not only the customers but sometimes even the merchant makes a foul play with certain transactions. A customer has to be careful while choosing the product or services which are available on the internet and from which merchant to buy. While opening a merchant account, every detail regarding the merchant and the type of business he/she carries is required. A customer can easily check the available database of the merchant before proceeding with the dealings. This way both the customer and the merchant can be on the safer side. But some of them have already become victims of such fraudulent cases. Foul play with merchant account can be made from both sides. So the merchant and the customer have to be like an open book in front of the market before making any transaction.

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