Frequently asked questions about airline mileage CASINO credit cards

This article answers some of the frequently asked questions about airline mileage credit cards. Read it care fully before you get one for your self.

1)    How can I earn mile points using this type of credit cards?

By and large, you will get points based on the number of purchases on the card. More specifically, it depends on the sum of the purchases that you have made. For example, the credit card company may offer to credit you with 1 point per $100 you spend. In this case 1 point means that you have 1 free mile. If he wants to redeem his miles then he has to reach the minimum number that is set by the credit card company to get his free ticket. Some credit card companies will double your points for several reasons.

2)    How to redeem my mile points?

All the credit card companies have affiliations with at least one carrier or airline. The credit card holder is allowed to redeem his mile points for a travel ticket with only those companies that are affiliated to their credit card issuer. He can either get a free ticket or a discount on the ticket based on the number of points accumulated by him. This is the reason why you should choose a company which allows you to redeem your points with your regular airline. Therefore, the research you need to do before applying for the card is all the more important or else you have to travel with another airline or forfeit your mile points.

3)    Is there an expiry date for the points?

This depends on the company that you have taken your credit card from. Some of the companies fix a date before which the holder has to accumulate the minimum number of points and claim his reward or else lose all the points accumulated by him till then. It is always advisable to take a credit card with an issuer who does not have a black out date so that you will get your free air ticket for sure.

4)    How much is the Annual fee?

This is again company specific. Your company may charge a price and the credit card company of your friend may charge another price. Well first you have to check if there is annual fee and second, if it is there then check to see if it is affordable. The best “Airline Mileage Credit Cards” either charge no annual fees or charge a small amount. So make sure you choose one among the best.

5)    What are “Generic Mileage Credit Cards”?

The primary difference between the “Generic Mileage Credit Cards” and the “Frequent Flier Miles Programs” is that with the credit card you can choose to fly any carrier or airliner, whereas with the program you can only choose one among the affiliated carriers. Most customers prefer to use the card than the program because it increases the number of choices they have by a large extent. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.