Online international trade, global sourcing and e – commerce are very secure today, due to advanced security technologies available in the market today. To protect your self and your customers from fraud, you have to understand and take some critical steps. This is particularly important if you are running import and export or international trade business transactions.

Safety tips for import and export and global sourcing in e – commerce.

The points given below help you in avoiding frauds in e – commerce when you are doing global sourcing or online shopping.

  1. Find out as much as you can about the product and the import and export trader. The past history of a company will say a lot about the business and since you are not in direct contact with the seller you have to do a thorough research about the company. Use the power of the search engines to find out the traders’ import and export and global sourcing history before doing import and export or international trade with him.
  2. Whether you are doing just global sourcing or bulk import and export, set up withdrawal or refund policies with immense clarity. When you are purchasing from an online retail store, study the sellers refund or warranty policy before you go ahead with the deal. This way you will be prepared if any thing goes wrong in the international trade.
  3. The safety of international e – commerce rests completely on the passwords and information of the trading account. Weak passwords will be easily hacked and the information will be stolen which will leave you lurching in the dark.
  4. International trade and import and export web site users should make sure that the website makes use of SSL or Secure Socket Layer technology. This is a security technology that is certified by Thawte or VeriSign, which are licensing agencies. One way to find out whether the websites are using SSL or not is by looking at the address bar. If there is “https”, it indicates the use of SSL else there is no SSL.
  5. If the company is offering huge discounts, then there is reason for doubt. Though, e – commerce lowers the prices of products, too much of a discount is alarming.

Will my international trade reputation be spoilt due to identity theft?

It is very easy to steal and misuse ones identity. This will spoil your credit rating drastically and will also have a cascading effect on all your global sourcing and export and import activities up to some extent.

What steps can be taken to prevent this?

It takes conscious effort to make sure that your identity is safe while conducting international trade for import and export and global sourcing. Some steps are given below:

  1. While doing international trade, either global sourcing or import and export, don’t ever mail your credit card or account numbers to any body.
  2. Don’t allow any cookies from any e – commerce web sites unless they are trustworthy.

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