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History Of Nutra Ecommerce

History Of Nutra Ecommerce

E–Commerce or electronic commerce is a relatively new concept when compared to other concepts; nonetheless, it is interesting to look at a brief history of this super phenomenon that has changed the way people do business. The concept of international trade and commerce has been in existence from a very long time and exchange of products and services by way of global sourcing and import and export has been happening from long back. However, e–commerce has only increased the magnitude of this business many times over. It has also made it more convenient, secure and manageable. This article will look at the history of e–commerce in brief. This will explain clearly how much of an influence e–commerce has on global sourcing, import and export and international trade.

Actually e–commerce started much before the existence and evolution of the miracle machine called “computer”. Surprised? Electronic technology was being used much before computers were invented. Also, international trade has existed from several hundred years ago, in various forms like import and export or exchange of goods. Global sourcing is just a viable alternative for the traditional methods.

However, this is no way proves or even suggests that e–commerce has been in existence for several hundred years. The earliest available historical records for e–commerce is from the year 1984, when “electronic data interchange” or EDI was invented. This new technology, at that time, helped global firms to carry on their dealings in a way that was more reliable that before in terms of global sourcing, import and export and international trade.

The first time in history when people could purchase things by sitting at home was in the year 1992. This was made possible by a company called “CompuServe”. This definitely did not change the way global sourcing, import and export and international trade was carried out but it did provide a modest form start for a huge concept and a phenomenon.

The year 1995 is unforgettable in the history of e–commerce because it was the birth year of 2 big giants: EBay and Amazon. These 2 sites don’t need any introduction today in the field of global sourcing, import and export and international trade. By the year 1999, the sales on the internet had reached a whopping 20 billion dollars.

The rest is known to every person who knows what e–commerce is. The current scope and influence of e–commerce on global sourcing, import and export and international trade is tremendous. The future of electronic commerce is even brighter when compared to the present situation. However, some experts believe that the use of e–commerce will gradually decrease after it has reached the saturation point in some years. Also, many experts are concerned about the disadvantages or drawbacks of e–commerce and what kind of adverse effect they may have on global sourcing, import and export and international trade.

This is a brief history of e–commerce that has caused a phenomenal change in the way we do business.

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