How to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase GAMBLING sales

Abandonment for shopping carts cost online businesses close to 75% of their potential revenues. Hence it is important for online business owners to know how to increase the efficiency if their checkout process in order to prevent consumers from dropping off half-way through the check-out procedure.

The following points help in minimising abandonment for shopping carts:

Privacy policy, refund and About Us – The minimum requirement in checkout pages is the inclusion of “Privacy Policy”, “Refund” and “About Us”. These links should have a description of each of them clearly.

The “About Us” link must provide the consumer details about the legitimacy of the business. It should also include details such as email address and contact number, physical address and business identification number.

The “Refund” policy should unambiguously state about the methods and circumstances in which a refund will be issued. It is necessary for traders to precisely stick to what is stated in the refund policy.

The “Privacy Policy” has to clearly state the manner in which a consumer’s information will be used during a checkout process. The privacy policy has to clearly state that the personal information of the consumers will not be sold or passed to a third party. Moreover, it is essential to assure consumers that their e-mail address will be used only for communicating matters linked to their orders.

It is better that these links open in separate or new windows so that the consumers are not diverted away from the check-out page.

No gimmicks and fancy advertisements – The checkout page should not be used by traders to advertise other products that are sold by them. Texts that link to other products and images should be avoided. In addition to this, it is also necessary to avoid “companion products” appearing on the checkout page. If consumers are persuaded to buy other products at the check-out page, it could lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Third party links should be avoided on the checkout page – Third party services and products should not be advertised on the checkout page. Even advertisements that bring some amount of revenue need to be avoided. Completed orders are better for an online business when compared to the revenue generated from ads.

Back links and full visibility – Back links are important so that consumers can navigate back to the previous page so either check or check an order. The current page should show all the details regarding the ordered product. The shopping cart contents must be shown above all checkout pages. This provides full visibility of the ordered items to the consumer.

The amounts that will be charged should be clearly mentioned – Checkout pages should have complete details about charges such as handling and shipping charges. It is necessary that consumers do not blindly go to a payment page without having knowledge about such information.

Checkout abandonment can easily be avoided by following the above mentioned points which in turn will increase the profit margins manifold. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.