Independent online marketing refers to any activity you do to promote your service or product on your own. As the CEO of an internet marketing firm, the most efficient and effective method to market your business is independent online marketing. When you are able to successfully market a product or service on your own, it will prove your ability to increase sales and beat all kinds of competition, thus making you the perfect CEO for your company. You will also be able to build equity in the business if you start from the ground and move upwards. One of the most efficient and effective methods to build a business that is highly profitable is by utilizing the power the internet.

There are several independent online marketers who have started their business from scratch. To become a successful independent online marketer you can do some research on those people who have been successful in the same field. Then, you need to find coaches and mentors and learn from any person who has successful done what you’re trying to do. It is as simple as this. It cannot be called as “online marketing” any more. It is referred to as “independent online marketing”. The reason for this is: if you are the proprietor of your company, you will have to take the decisions independently to turn your business in to what you want it to be.

Given below are a few strategies which can be used for independent online marketing. These are very powerful strategies:

  1. Link your site with a few of the competitor sites which have a better page rank than yours. This technique is referred by some as “reciprocal linking”. It is an excellent way to equalise, share and build traffic.
  2. If your competitors don’t agree to link your site with theirs, then the best option available is to pay them to advertise your web site on theirs for a monthly fee. There will be no problem with this set up in most cases as both the parties involved are happy, since you are getting the link of your web site on a site which has a higher rank and your competitor is getting revenue out of it.
  3. Obtain some 1 way links from a few top authority web sites which are related to your topic. This will increase the page rank of your site. This method is over looked by most internet marketers, but it is extremely powerful in creating back links to your web site.

Any one of these three or all the three strategies will help you to independently market your business on the internet. Use these strategies well and continue to build on them as they are very powerful techniques. In fact, the most efficient and effective method to getting in to the top five positions of a major search engine is by using “back links”. You require several back links to successfully reach the top of a search result. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.